Instilling Hope Through Donations

You can instill hope to the brave women of St. Peter’s through donations, letters of encouragement, and prayers. Barrels of Hope International, Inc. continually accepts  donations of  gently used spring and summer clothing of all sizes, including children’s; shoes; purses; art and craft materials; and teaching materials. The current needs list is as follows:

Can openers, measuring spoons, measuring bowls, electric mixers, food processors, streamers, boiler, kitchen timers, rolling pin, greater with various holes, various cooking books, colander, Dutch oven, mortar and pastle, pastry brush, slotted spoon, springform pan, strainer, whisk, wok, zester, or any cookery related materials.

Various cake mixes, mix/assortment of cake pans and sizes, icing bags, tubes with various decorating nozzles, misc cake decorations, cake books, or any cake decorating materials

Electric Sewing machines-used or new, misc sewing tools, beads, various color threads, sewing instructional materials, needles, or any sewing related materials.

Various beads, beading string/material, jewelry making instructional books, various clasps and finishing products.

New or used computers, preferable desktops with windows, computer tutoring software programs, flash drives, external drives, etc.

Mrs. Wurie distributes the clothing donations to the students and teachers as incentives for their dedication and commitment and as rewards for their achievements. The donations that assist in educating the students are utilized to benefit all of the students. The materials will be shipped to St. Peter’s in large plastic barrels, which are also used for multiple purposes once they are emptied. The cost of each barrel is $42, and it costs approximately $200 to ship each barrel. The barrels can hold a significant amount of items. The barrels are then placed in large metal containers, which are shipped directly to Freetown, Sierra Leone.  It can take approximately three months for the barrels to be delivered. Once the barrels are cleared at the port, they will be delivered to St. Peter’s.  Mrs. Wurie will distribute the items appropriately and every item will be put to use.

Monetary donations will go towards the costs of shipping donations  directly to the school in order to empower the students, teachers, and their families’ lives.  Please contact Jennifer to arrange for tangible donation pickups. Individuals who graciously give will be provided with receipts as donations may be tax deductible.

(Barrels of Hope International, Inc. is a 501 (a) organization and is treated as tax exempt by the IRS. The organization is not required to file for 501 (c)(3) exemption until the charity’s gross receipts exceeds $5,000.00. The charity’s tax identification number is 27-4441054).


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    Website is looking good. Great Job!

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    looks great. very cheery and bright colors

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    This website looks incredible! I am so proud of you and the work you are doing! Great job guys.

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