Projects of Hope

Immediately upon returning from their trip to St. Peter’s in October 2010, Chernoh and Jennifer personally shipped two new computers,  three new sewing machines, and chalk board paint to the school. The shipment was received in December 2010. The computers will be used to teach the students typing skills,word processing, and internet navigation.  The sewing machines replaced used machines. The students will learn techniques and use the machines to take practical exams.

Barrels of Hope International, Inc. shipped their first official barrel in March 2011! The barrel included various clothing, shoes, purses, and toys.  It was opened at the school in late May 2011 to celebrate the end of the school year.   Mrs. Wurie, founder and principal of St. Peter’s, expressed her appreciation in the email below:

“Dear Chernoh & Jennifer,
thank you for the barrel you sent from Barrel of Hope International. We received the letters sent to me, students and teachers. It was read openly to them, they were so happy to hear from you people. The barrel was opened by them and we took every items out the whole school received including the teachers and myself. May God bless you two  and the people that are helping you with Barrel of Hope  International. “

Barrels of Hope International, Inc. will ship barrels of donations they are received. Chernoh and Jennifer, on behalf of Barrels of Hope International, Inc., prayerfully anticipate shipping barrels every three months. Future projects include raising money for school renovations and tuition scholarships. Chernoh and Jennifer hope to return to St. Peter’s one day; in order to, conduct follow up interviews regarding how Barrels of Hope International, Inc. has impacted the students’ lives. They will continue to pray about how God wants to use them, through  Barrels of Hope International, Inc., to bless the women of St. Peter’s.

(Barrels of Hope International, Inc. is a Virginia non-stock charity corporation and is treated as tax exempt by the IRS while they are pursuing 501(c)(3) status. Therefore, donations may be tax deductible and receipts will be provided for donations).

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