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Barrels of Hope International, Inc.
Glen Allen, VA
Jennifer Wurie, President
(703) 269-8687
Dr. Chernoh Wurie, Vice President
(703) 786-4039

(Barrels of Hope International, Inc. is a 501 (a) organization and is treated as tax exempt by the IRS. The organization is not required to file for 501 (c)(3) exemption until the charity’s gross receipts exceeds $5,000.00. The charity’s tax identification number is 27-4441054).


  1. Ericca Wright says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed perusing the site! The stories of hope, growth and blessings are truly amazing! God is certainly using St. Peter’s and Barrels of Hope to touch the lives of woman in Sierra Leone!

  2. Tracie Counts says:

    We want to make a donation .How do we send it?God Bless your mission.I’m proud that you started this I have wanted to start one for a while .Good job ! love you guys.

  3. A.C. Jones says:

    The website is great and the fact that you visited the country first hand and was able to bring to live the stories of these wonderful women is beyond words. I am moved by all that the two of you have done and continue to let God direct your path. I will be contributing to your worthy cause, please know I am spreading the word for Barrels of Hope.

  4. Sherell Queen says:

    God is able, for He is worthy to be praised. I will continue to support “Barrels of Hope”. The stories and photos have touched my heart and lifted my spirits to a higher level on this day. God is able and God is good. Thank you “Barrels of Hope” for caring and sharing. I will continue to do the say. May God continue to bless this ministry.

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