Each year since the inception of Barrels of Hope International, Inc., the charity ships approximately three or four barrels of donated items annually to the school to encourage the students and present as an incentive for the students’ dedication and commitment and as rewards for their achievements. Additional educational donations that promote healthy lifestyles, pregnancy, and pro-life education benefit all of the students.

December 2015 marked the charity’s five year anniversary! Since the establishment of Barrels of Hope International, Inc., the student enrollment and progress has been substantial. Please click on the right under “blogroll” to listen to the girls sing their anthem and scroll all the way down on each page to see more pictures.

Between 2013 and 2015, St. Peter’s regrettably lost once senior teacher, Mrs. French, and three students. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Moreover, the school’s Vice Principal, Mrs. Claudia Hickson, retired from the center. We wish her well in her retirement.

At the end of each academic year, students who successfully go through their formal training courses, including the job training experience are given certificates of training and accreditation. However, due to the Ebola crisis  and other unavoidable reasons, no graduation ceremonies were held since 2012. On April 2, 2016, a graduation ceremony was held at St. Peter’s Church to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of students who graduated from the school from 2013 to 2015.

A total of 200 students, including four male students, attended St. Peter’s in the academic year 2014/2105. These students were enrolled in two year programs for catering and a three year program for sewing and design. During the academic year, 160 students were enrolled in basic eight week training programs in the same vocational trades, including batik and gara tie dying, weaving and soap making and adult education. The new program introduced in 2012 was weaving.

Progress in 2012:

St. Peter’s continues to partner with organizations in their community. The school received a Certificate of Appreciation award in December 2012 from YMCA Sierra Leone’s Young Men’s Christian Association for effective partnership. The proprietress Mrs. Aminta Wurie is pictured receiving the award.

In 2012, at least one St. Peter’s student died from child birth and one from having an abortion. The school utilized educational materials donated by Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center in Elizabeth City, NC regarding safe pregnancy and the dangers of abortion. Volunteers from Global Xchange of England spent two weeks at St. Peter’s educating the students on these topics.  Since the lecture the abortion rate among the students has reduced significantly.

In 2012, one of the two barrels sent to St. Peters was designated for the students’ children and a family day was held at the school in November. Students and their children gathered to celebrate and receive toys, educational materials, and clothes. A majority of the students are mothers. The items were used to motivate, reward, and support the students, and their families in their daily lives. Barrels of Hope wanted the children to see their mothers in a school environment so that they may appreciate their dedication.

There were toys for girls and boys. A girl scout from the District of Columbia donated several dolls in packaging for the children. She had the guests at her birthday party donate the the dolls instead of birthday gifts. There were also donated clothes from sizes infant to teen. The students were very grateful for the items they received. More pictures are in the gallery on the right.

Other Activities Embarked Upon

Farming and Backyard Gardening: In this area, students were engaged in these activities outside the center’s domain. The proceeds of the program were marketed after harvest. The proceeds were plowed back into the center for the sustainability of the of the center’s skill development initiatives.

Power Chain Saw:

The students embarked on some timber sawing through the use of the power chain saw that the centre procured. Like stated above, the proceeds of the timber sawing and sale were plowed into the center’s activities to keep our activities alive and thriving.

Students’ On the Job Training Exercises

During the period under review, students who were in the final year of their training were assigned to various hotels and other entertainment centres for the purposes of acquiring an on the job training experience. This lasted for a two to three months period. The hotels and restaurants served are: Cititel Restaurant, Freetown Golf Club, Hotel Five Ten, and the Hill Valley Hotel. Fortunately, some trainees were employed permanently after their job training experience.

St. Peter’s  now utilizes the tailoring machines received to sew African dresses, with a view to generate funds for the capital intensive building project now that the centre has embarked upon.

(Barrels of Hope International, Inc. is a 501 (a) organization and is treated as tax exempt by the IRS. The organization is not required to file for 501 (c)(3) exemption until the charity’s gross receipts exceeds $5,000.00. The charity’s tax identification number is 27-4441054).

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